By acknowledging or signing the agreement below, you the customer are authorizing the company ( Repair Hello) to send marketing messages to your phone number.

1 Prior Consent

You need to disclose clearly that the customer will be contacted in the future by text message. Make sure you keep this consent form for at least four years, which is the statute of limitations given by the TCPA. By acknowledging or signing the agreement, the customer is authorizing the company to send marketing messages to his phone number. Thanks to the E-SIGN Act, prior written consent may include electronic or digital forms of signature (i.e., agreements obtained via email, website form, text message, dial pad or voice recording), website form submissions or text message opt-ins.

2 Opting out

According to the TCPA, your contacts should have the ability to opt-out at any time. The universally recognized method of opting out from receiving marketing communications via SMS is sending STOP. Records of opt-out communications need to be stored. See an example: “Txt STOP to stop”.

3 Sending Timeframe

The TCPA stipulates that text messages may only be sent between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the time zone your recipient is in.

4 Records

To protect your organization from future disputes, it's advisable to maintain each contact's consent for at least four years from that date in which it was given, which is the federal statute of limitations for bringing an action under the TCPA. We suggest keeping accurate and complete records of the following documents:

  • Advertisement (SMS, text message or recorded call scripts)
  • Consent disclosures (what the consumer agreed to)
  • Consumer consents (how the consumer agreed)

5 Requests

Immediately honor requests in any form from a consumer wanting to opt out of your future messages (including letters, emails, SMS or phone calls to you).

6 Content

The content of marketing messages must be appropriate to the intended audience and will not be likely to offend, upset or harm any recipient of the message. You must comply with all applicable laws and industry standards that apply to SMS marketing and advertising. Make sure your message is accurate and avoid any misleading, confusing or deceptive statements.