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We provide only quality replacement parts, professional and expert replacement repairs for your iPhone. We initiate a free diagnostic first to examine the cause of the issue on your iPhone’s issue and can then provide suitable and affordable replacement part solutions to fix the issues on your iPhone. Our comprehensive diagnostic services and vast experience in repairing and servicing all models of iPhone’s helps us to identify the root cause of the issue and determine the best needed solutions to fix it. Most of the replacements can be done in the store or we can come to you at your residential or business location right away within the hour so you can enjoy the clarity of a properly working iPhone..

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Cracked Screen

When your iPhone does not power due to a cracked screen or displays a blank screen, you need to get it serviced for a screen repair. Your iPhone could have a damaged or cracked screen LCD display after it got dropped down or due to any hardware malfunctioning in it. Using our diagnostic methods, we examine and provide quality iPhone screens to replace your cracked and damaged LCD screen. If your LCD screen is badly damaged beyond repair or cracked screen, you need to replace the screen with a new screen.

Water Damage

Water , or to be more precise, liquid damage can cause problems with the internal circuitry of your phone or other device that can leave them unusable. If your phone gets wet the first thing you will want to do is turn it on - DON'T! The second thing you'll feel the need to do is charge it - DON'T do that either! Both of these actions can potentially make things worse for iPhone, smartphone or tablet. At Repair Hello we examine your phone and fix it for you and return it in a working condition.

Dead Battery

Over a period of time after extensive usage, the iPhone battery naturally becomes weak and you need to replace it with a new battery. We provide battery replacement services to your iPhone for all your iPhone types. When you use your iPhone heavily, the battery tends to charge very slowly and you need to replace the battery. We provide quality batteries to your iPhone that are available at our store to replace your old battery.

Charge Port Replacement

One of the most common reasons for your iPhone not charging may be due to the accumulation of dust, debris in the charging port. We clean the charging port to remove this dust if it not damaged. Or your charge port might have been damaged beyond repair and this will need to be replaced with a new charging port. During our diagnostic service, we examine these issues and replace the parts needed to bring your iPhone back to working condition.

Other Repairs & Diagnostic Services

Your iPhone screen might also have water damage, corrosion of any parts, a short circuit that prevents it from switching on. Our diagnostic services easily identify the issue and provide the necessary parts to fix. Apart from these services, we also provide fix malfunctioning iPhone speaker with replacement speakers. Using our automated software we quickly identify the issue and provide simple fixtures after our diagnostic services. We also fix water damage issues, if your phone accidentally drops into the water. Your iPhone needs to be serviced as quickly as possible when it gets dropped. You can get your water damaged iPhone to our diagnostic center to quickly fix the water damage. We provide professional, quality, and dedicated service and replacement parts to all iPhone models. Our experienced and certified expert team will replace most iPhone parts at an affordable price. We guarantee that get full satisfaction and peace of mind with our iPhone replacement parts & service.

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