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Repair Hello, provides customers a wide range of In-Home Services. We have professionals located all across America, living and supporting our customers with expedited repair services. Some examples of our current repair solutions are as followed: iPhone repair, Air Conditioning and Electrician services, for installation, maintenance, and much more. Additionally, allow us to demonstrate how easy it is to begin our solution repairs by following our simple three step process. 

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We understand the importance of time, because time is money, both your's and ours. Our system allows you the opportunity to manage your schedule, confident with our In-Home Solutions for your home or business.



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Repair Hello prides itself on customer satisfaction, and understands the importance of consultation. We take a personal approach in answering all questions, including discussing all services prior to beginning our work. Having complete knowledge of what type of repair or installation, maintenance, etc, we will be performing allows customers the piece of mind of not having any unexpected surprises.

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Services

Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Air conditioners are complicated machines with a variety of components that can go bad. We suggest that all homeowners call Repair Hello to schedule maintenance, services or repair, to ensure their cooling system is in tip-top shape.

Some common AC problems include:

  • Broken Thermostat
  • Air Compressor Issues
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • A defective blower
  • Dirty Air Filters / Air Ducts
  • Broken Evaporator Coils



Included Are Methods To Enhance The Life Of Your Air Conditioners:

Air conditioners have become a necessity. It is hard to imagine life without them. Unfortunately, not many air conditioner owners and users take out the time to understand how this machine works. At its core, an air conditioner has many different components that work together to cool closed spaces. This absence of a basic understanding of the functionality of various air conditioner components often works to the disadvantage of air conditioner users and leads to frequent demand for AC repair services.

Always Hire Skilled Professionals

A lot of times, to save money, homeowners and commercial property owners hire just about anyone to install or fix an air conditioner. This must be avoided at all costs as incorrect installation can lead to several problems. For instance, improper installation can lead to a ruined or damaged capacitor and condenser coils. It is, thus, that air conditioner users are always advised to do their research and hire only skilled professionals for AC installation services and repair.


Regularly Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

All air conditioning units come with the necessary protection. However, all air conditioning units still require regular cleaning. The air conditioning unit is installed outside the home or apartment. This unit, thus, is continuously exposed to damaging factors, such as dust, debris, sun, rain, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to get your air conditioning unit cleaned from time to time.


Energy-Saving Thermostat Setting

One of the reasons why air conditioners demand maintenance and repair is excessive load. The best way to decrease the load on your air conditioner is to run it on the energy-saving thermostat setting. During summers, keep your room temperature at about 25 degrees Celsius. The smaller the difference between the outside and inside temperatures, the easier it will be for your air conditioner to work. Moreover, by operating your air conditioner in the energy-saving mode, you will be able to cut down your electricity bill significantly.


Check the Filters

Clogged filters cause overheating and in some cases, can lead to your air conditioner completely breaking down. Though filter checking is an integral part of AC repair services, filter cleaning is a task homeowners can do on their own as well. If you find that your air conditioner filter is dirty, either clean it on your own or call an expert.


An air conditioner isn't a complex machine. By devoting some time to understanding how this machine works, air conditioners users can save themselves from unwarranted costs. However, if your air conditioner is facing issues even after you taking all the precautionary steps, please reach out to our team. Our skilled professionals have years of experience in the field of AC installation services and repair and will be able to solve all your queries immediately.

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